Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guest Appearance

Hi there, Acting Fans, we're midweek once again and so it's time for your H&H Information injection! Yes, we've had the first of our usual and becoming even more regular meet ups this Tuesday gone where (yes, in Nero's again), after our usual preamble ramble (which also seems to be getting more rambling, but it's cheaper than therapy), we eventually got around to H&H Beeswax.
The main topic up for the day was for us to chew over was actually related back to the Mystery Opportunity, we wanted to take a real crack at formulating what could be the format for a live-and-in-person H&H performance. Now who else would turn up when talking about such things but my sister, the street theatre professional! Yes, Beka told us some tales of her working trip to the United States specifically the Bible Belt including Tenessee (which it turns out is a 'Dry' County, yep, that's right the HOME of Jack Daniels is a 'Dry' county, you'd best believe we took a note of that for possible future H&H use/abuse). There was also her visit to the Opry (but not the Grand Ole one, yes, we asked) which included a man singing while astride his motorbike on stage, who would later return on horseback for his next number, 'flying' musicians, caged tigers (BOO!) and a magician with the worst animatronic fake limbs for tricks than you could possibly see. A debate over exactly what kind of cats he was dis-and-Re-appearing, led to an idea for a H&H gag but then Beka had to be on her way as she's in the midst of getting on with her part of the current Yorkshire Festival, The Hunt!

Guest Star
Having bid my super-talented sibling adieu, we got our brains back to the task at hand and, eventually (TWO drinks this time), we came up with some possibilities based around an 'Acting Workshop' with the addition, at the insistence of Vern, that we do something in the live performance that was alluded to in our unfilmed original pilot script (the one we sent to The BBC's Writers Room waaaaay back when). This then led us down from Nero's to the local library as we needed to do some research on Samuel Beckett, no, not the dude from 'Quantum Leap', the Irish Playwright!
Never afraid to trample over proper culture for a laugh, us! After a failure on the DVD front we went to the bookshelves and with some much appreciated assistance from the Duty Librarian chap we emerged with a complete Beckett collection to stick our nebs into. That's it for now, Acting fans, we're pushing on with the next Actor's Log(s) and researching with our thinking caps on, so...


Christopher Haigh

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