Friday, June 20, 2014

Thor's Day

Welcome, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and the people of the world to this Friday.... Erm I mean Saturday blog (EDIT: Oops, Sunday!*). Why so late, I hear you ask. Well as I was getting home my housemate Jo saw me outside Tesco and told me we had had a power cut. But not the one of which we could fix. Nope it was a problem on the outside of the house. It turned out water had gotten into the outside power line and had blown it. So a call out had to be made for it to be fixed. So we now have a big hole in our garden but at least we have POWER!!!!!

Anyhoo back to H&H well me a Chris another meet up on Friday before my rehearsal (I'm treading the boards again, remember?) to discuss the filming schedule. Yep, I had already been in to the Old Cock, as we filmed there before and we needed to set up a replacement for our unavailable first location choice sharpish, I asked if we could film there again and luckily the very nice landlady, she said, "Yes." So after another quick phone call to regular friend/supporting actor who has helped us out in the past. We are now a go for filming next Thursday (yay!) where we hope to bottle the H&H lightening. So, yes this vlog is cutting it very fine indeed. It shall be up the last Monday of June for you all to watch, fings crossed.

And after an great quick idea the Chris came up with, we should be also be filming a super short short at the same time. That will need some additional filming at a second location to finish it off, but of course I can't say much more - tee hee! Other than the down-to-the-wire June Actor's Log that short, short shall/should be up in July with luck.

Well, that's ya lot for now, see you in the Future!!!!!


Vernon Harcourt

* = Editor's Note: This Blog comes to you on Sunday due to Chris's unscheduled drunken debauchery

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