Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hello, Acting Fans, it's time for another bit of H&H Midweek musing on a week that started with quite a bit of a blow following the sad departure of Comedy Legend, Rik Mayall. The sympathies of all at H&H Productions go out to Rik's family and friends, we are now down a National Treasure, dammit.
The world turns on though, and H&H remain on mission to (hopefully) bring a little happiness with their daftness. To that end Vern and I have had a our regular meet-up today for some more chinwagging and planning. First order of business was a change of location. Yes, with no more shifts for me until the weekend, I lured my partner-in-crimes-against-the-internet to a nearby pub for a change. Quite a familiar place it was too, The Old Cock, a major location in our H&H Summer Special. Over a pint of Smith's and a purple Bulmer's we got down to H&H business.

Weapons of Choice

We took a look over our ideas for the live performance and decided that rather than alternating on the scripting, as we have gotten into the habit of lately when it comes to writing, we should sort out a full writing session where we compose the thing together and perhaps even do some blocking out of the actions we want to do 'on stage' as it were (I write 'on stage' as, well, wherever it actually manifests H&H Live might not always be on an actual stage).
On to the next Actor's Log, I had taken a pass at the script and also figured out a proper title for it to replace the placeholder, which I ran past m'learned colleague, who then gave it his seal of approval. Next is to source the bits and bats we need as well as sort out a location. Vern had tried earlier in the week but had missed the management personnel he needed to talk to at our first choice. He'll be taking another pass at it this week but, if it doesn't work out, we have a couple of contingencies.
So that's about where we are this week, fairly low key so far with nothing major to announce but the wheels of the H&H Productions machine are in motion and with that I bid you...


Christopher Haigh

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