Friday, June 6, 2014

Mystery Play

Hello Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the world!!! It's FRIDAY (What, already!?! Okay, just who keeps on shrinking the weeks? Eh? Come on - own up!) So what have we been up to since last we wrote?

Well, once again me and Chris have had another meet up and, yep, in our new favorite place too the  local Nero's coffee shop. This meet-up was to further discuss the possible live show of H&H, what shape it will take and exactly what it involve, so far it has involved us having to get into a bit of Culture! Yes, BOTH of us!

WARNING: Not for the Cheery Hearted
Yup, as Chris mentioned on Wednesday he's had to read up on Beckett and, while doing so, managed to find some video of the play we chose online, so he roped me in to watch it too. Well, after doing my bit in our research of the Mystery Play (we're not going to tell you which one it is yet...okay though, if you want to take a guess, it was only picked at first as the title made Chris laugh, so it's all his fault) with Chris reading up on the play too, what we discovered that, well, it's a pretty depressing play. A real bummer. Chris said he wasn't surprised, because it's a Beckett play but, man, it was DE-PRESS-ING. Frankly I prefer my Beckett being the bloke in 'Quantum Leap' but at least it wasn't as scary as the Horror short Chris sent to me. Brrr, I've still got chills. And now I have a Night Light. Anyway, we realised we had some work ahead of us in finding a way to make it funny while still sort of sticking to the shape of it. We have some ideas about how to do this after of get together, but for now they shall remain secret. Ssh! (I mean we want you to watch it fresh with no [SPOILERS]). It does hinge on the rest of the live show though.

Yes, this Beckett stuff is just one part of the possible live show, which we have figured out will revolve around Acting, which seems pretty obvious now we look back at it! What better way to showcase H&H live than a show of their acting 'skills'? Now, once again, nothing much else can be said on this, as it is still in very early stages and some it might still change as yet. Let's just say there might be a bit of history involved, as well as boards trodden on.

Lastly the final thing we got on to was filming this month's Actor's Log, we're aware of how quick this month is going and need to get on, so I have a few pubs to scout & ask if we can film in and, fings crossed (and Landlord's willing), that should be filmed and done soon. (For this Month, of course. We don't want to get behind now!)

Well, that's all folks. You are now all up-to-date on the H&H news so, until the next time, see you in the FUTUUUUUURE!!!


Vernon Harcourt

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