Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Specs Appeal

Hello, Acting Fans, time once again for your midweek missive from H&H HQ. Today has seen me get the old eyes tested and fork out for a new pair of corrective eyewear. Yes, on the H&H Production Weekend Outing the point was hit home by my current specs failing the rigorous safety test of me thrashing about on the dancefloor to some CHOONS. Yes, I'm afraid things came apart, but then they had already been put back together with copious amounts of superglue. A prior repair job necessitated by my unfortunate tendency of leading with my face (ouch).

Weekend outing? Yes, Myself and t'other H (and other associates) decided to break out of the confines of Halifax for a night out and tottered our way over to Leeds after a nice tea of Thai. There may have been an other, ahem, ulterior motive on the part of one of our party but, dear Reader, discretion is the better part of valour. Or, as this poster reminded us...

WE DON'T TALK ABOUT BANGKOK! What I can tell you about the evening is it began at 'Carpe Diem' which we promptly did the opposite of, carpe-ing the old noctem, and ended at a post-'The Cockpit' pizza joint. A good time was had by all, though I discovered that when it comes to finding my way around Leeds I often undershoot when it comes to finding my desired destination. Don't we all fall short sometimes though?
In more salient news for you, Acting Fans, we also had a following Monday meet-up and, besides decompressing from our Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Shenanigans, have come a step closer to sorting the next Actor's Log. It turns out, after further investigation by Vern, the first choice of location for the shoot may be unavailable so we'll be looking at arranging a secondary choice (& sharpish). We also realised we'd overlooked a small item of prop-age that could add a little something to our upcoming escapade. Good news though, getting straight on Ebay as soon as I could, I found the very thing (and well within our Low-to-No Budget too!). Doubleplus Good News, said item arrived TODAY! It was sat waiting for me as soon as I got back from the Opticians. Yay, All H&H Systems are GO! Stay tuned for more messages from us this Friday as that's all from me for now, so...


Christopher Haigh

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