Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Hump Day Dance

Hello, Acting Fans and the fellow bloggers out there, yep, it's Wednesday and it's blog time! and Chris did indeed manage to once again get a meet up on Monday and today too to make up for last week. On Monday, the first meet up, I showed him the footage from the filming at the Old Cock (Thanks again, Dee & DJ Nick) and let him have a laugh at it too and we also worked out which shot (or shots) from the shoot we might actually use and where in the summer special they would go.

We also got in contact with the Manor Heath Park in Halifax to ask what days and times they open, Why? You may ask, well, it's to go over and film a sequence, but what sequence? Well, I'm afraid I can't tell you that. Well, not just yet but soon.....well, maybe. We even did a little bit more of script editing by adding a some additional lines that Chris had written so we had to figure out where the best place for them to go was. It turned out that near the beginning of the dialog was best otherwise it wouldn't make any sense. (Even comedy has to make sense some of the time.)

Which then brings us up to today, where after a bit of talking about the shooting timeframe, scheduling and trying to figure out where some of the location would be filmed, Me and Chris decided to go out on a wee bit of location hunting. We found a few good looking locations on our stroll that look like the crappy-looking 60's/70's vibe we are gong for (Yep, we still have buildings looking like this in Halifax) and as a really good bonus they aren't too far for H&H HQ, which is always a bonus. We also got round to doing a footage transfer too, Chris now has both sets of the footage of what we filmed on the previous shoot and so do I, just to be safe.

So, well, erm, I think that's about it for now so as always I will sign off and see you all in the Future!


Vernon Harcourt

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