Friday, July 26, 2013

Mystery Machine

Hello there, Acting Fans, and welcome to the weekend again for another dose of H&H Blogging. Is it me or are they rolling around at some speed at the moment or what? 

I'm afraid I have to report, between both of us working and me interviewing (trying to improve my financial circumstances, don't ya know), we haven't been able to sort a get-together this week. As such there's little to report on our efforts to get this Summer Special off the ground but we are still beavering away in the background organising everything.

Whilst Vern has been staring fixedly at our calendar to figure out the best shooting date, I've taken a dive into my toy car jar and come up with this:

Now you might be wondering what, if anything, my battered and bruised Corgi Juniors Mercedes-Benz Bus has to do with the production of H&H? Well, I'm afraid telling you would constitute [SPOILERS]. Now we just need a suitable location to go with it. 

That's all for this week, Internet Chums, stay tuned for updates and...


Christopher Haigh

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