Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Happy Humpday, Acting Fans, it's Chris here with your midweek H&H fix. Once again the job, or in truth jobs, have gotten in the way again. My evening shift this Tuesday put the kibosh on our regular meet-up session. The reason I even had an evening shift in the first place was also to do with a job because, you see, I am seeking employment...

Now don't panic, my regular day job hasn't gone south - I'm still gainfully employed, part time. It's the Part Time bit that is getting to me a little, it's come to my attention of late just how limiting my take home from just 16 hours work is and, with annualised hours, the more time I'm losing during busy periods at work without really gaining anything long term. So I've tried to kickstart my looking for longer shift/better paid jobs (that, to be honest, had fallen by the wayside as I've gotten a little too comfortable at work.)
I recently found a couple of jobs that seemed ideal in the 20+ hours sweet spot and in areas of my expertise (or at least experience). I applied for both and made it to interview stage for one of them. Yes, an honest-to-God interview! An interview that was on Tuesday morning. Tuesday morning. One of the only two days I had a shift this week with the theatres shorter opening hours. Typical. Of course it was Tuesday morning. Luckily, I had a colleague willing to swap shifts with me but it still took out our weekly (& handy pre-blog day) meeting.
The kicker is it's looking most likely that I didn't actually get the job either. Bah. Nevermind, if at first one doesn't succeed, etc. Back to the artsjobs listings, oh, and the preparation for H&H!

Stay tuned for more on what we've been up to in Fridays blog and, until then...


Christopher Haigh

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