Friday, July 12, 2013

1.0 Weeks Later

Welcome back fellow bloggers to this Friday blog post and what's happened? Well, I was bundled onto a hot train last Friday and shipped off to a quarantined part of Leeds where we (Me & my colleagues in DANGER) were given a map and some quadrants then told to set off out into the infected parts of Leeds. Just my luck. We had to get a place called Asylum and we had to get there fast, as the police were cracking down on illegal entrants in the town.

So it was with nothing but a map and our wits about us we set off in a group of seven to the first check point. Only to find when we got there a very, very harsh woman, who would not let us stay as we didn't have any papers with us. We had to move on to another part of the map but this time is was not going to be so easy, as well reached the checkpoint we were told something disturbing - the homeless people had, well, started to act a little strange and we should not hang around.

As we approached to blue sheet hanging up over the entrance, we ran like men possessed as we got half way down we were greeted by...two raging zombies with blooded faces and screaming at us!
We ran as fast our legs would allows to go. We had to get away from them. They were not going to touch us at all. We got out of there with our limbs bite free and, oh boy, we were knackered though. We had no choice but to push on to the next place on the map with no time to waste as the police could be anywhere and, well, now so could zombies. Yes, folks we were in trouble and in it deep.

Reaching the next point on the map one of our worst fears had been realised, there was a police officer. He was checking and talking to other people that had been put though all the same shenanigans as us. We knew we had to somehow talk our way out of this. We had to find someone to get a hold of false papers so we could get some shelter and food if we needed it but the officer spotted us! We had to get away from him, fast. We started out by being as aloof as we could to questions. We did just about manage to convince him to leave us alone then, as we stepped around the corner, lo and behold - there was the chap we had been looking for. He talked to us about some of the papers that we would need and how to get them but I got the strangest feeling that some thing wasn't quite right here. He was acting rather odd, well, odd even for when there are zombies around and about. Luckily my caution paid off, as I started to move to the other side of the table two more zombies jumped out at us (probably some other poor survivors who this guy had taken in). Once again we were forced to flee for a lives. Oh man, was this night ever going to end?

we finally got to the next check point after we had past a protester demonstrating about the unfair way that people were brought in the city and treated. When we got the next check point we told that we had to remain of the street, as we could get caught at any moment. The only way out of this check point was under the it. We made our way down the steps of the new arcade in Leeds only to once again face a greeting by yet more zombies. This was getting ridiculous now - I'd had enough, so this time I decided I would tackle them head on, and went for it - I ran straight at them. Yep, I ran at them and dodged out of their way so none of them would catch hold of me. The rest of the night was mainly the same but the zombie became more and more and they were getting quicker too.

After a long night of fright and flight, at last we neared the end of our quest and to a van that was supposed to get us out of there. Hope flooded into us but when we got there we found the driver had been badly and, well, mortally wounded. She faintly asked for some pills from the back of the van. It was my turn I was up to be the hero this time. As I cautiously made my way around to the back of the Van I opened it to discover there were two zombies tied up in the van. I had to move quickly to grab the pills and get them to our dying ally. And, like a true hero, I did. Once again an avenue of escape had been cut off, we had to find yet another way out. As we set off down the zombie-infested road the worst happened, I fell, went right over with a thundering clash and smashed down to ground, injuring my hand. Well, that was it I was done for, unfortunately it was Game Over for me.

"Hmm, this might put a crimp in filming the rest of the series. We'll have to changes all Vern's lines to 'Braaains!"
Yep folks, in case you haven't got it by now, I was playing in the live action zombie role play game called 2.8 Hours Later. We did it for a friend's 30th birthday do and I must say it was the upmost fun and at times really quite scary too! In a good way.  None of it was real (you'd probably guessed that as: 1) I'm writing this blog (and haven't mentioned "Braaaaaaiiiins" at all, well, except now) and 2) there are no such things as real Zombies...or ARE there?) It was a great night and I got to exercise the old acting skills a bit too! It also means my zombification won't be a hurdle for the rest of the series of H&H.

Regarding H&H, I'm afraid the week has got on top of us again and we haven't managed a meet-up but I have read through the additional lines Chris thought of on some stairs and I reckon it's definitely worth editing them into the Summer Special script which we hope to get on with shortly. Keep your eyes peeled, Acting Fans, for more stuff from us at H&H productions - and any stray zombies! You don't want your flesh chomped now, do you?

Well, that's all for this week now, folks. Sleep tight - if you can! MWAHhahahaha!!!


Vernon Harcourt

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