Friday, July 5, 2013

Spirit Of The Staircase

Welcome to the weekend, Acting Fans, and todays blog post title is a translation of the french phrase 'L'esprit d'escalier'. Like a lot of french phrases it's one of those that doesn't have as succinct a way of saying what it means in any other language, like Déjà vu. 'The feeling that one has been/done something before even if you haven't' just doesn't quite cut it by comparison.
'L'esprit d'escalier' means the clever things you think to say after a conversation has ended, all the 'oh, I should have said that's that hit as you leave or have left, quite often as your feet land on the steps out the front door. I like to think of it as a sort of metaphysical Columbo. (Although the Lieutenant himself usually remembered before he finished leaving.)

"Eh, Just one more thing, sir..."
It was something a little what I felt as I edited Wednesday's blog for posting, something had been nagging me since our meeting on Tuesday night but it wasn't until Wednesday that exactly what it was coalesced in my mind. Now the exact thing would be [SPOILERS] if I wrote it here but suffice to say an element we'd deliberately added to the Summer Special hadn't been utilised to full effect in the first draft so, shortly after posting, I tapped out my additional idea and emailed it to Vern. Who will get back to me about it in due time.

Now we've been unable to get a second meet-up together this week, nevertheless Vern is keeping busy as he's casting his net wide to try get a willing victim kind volunteer to make themselves available to play the third wheel required for the Summer Special.

That's all for this week, Internet Chums, so get out there and enjoy the sunshine but don't forget to tune in next week!


Christopher Haigh

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