Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Draft-ey In Here

Welcome back, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, it's Wednesday so here I am writing to you direct from H&H HQ in this weeks first blog post. Well, just like last week we have been very productive so far. Me and Chris met up last night and in this meeting we have, well...we've basically written out another entire script, yes, we did.

In fact we stormed through our first draft of the Summer Special, soon to be coming your way, all fings crossed. Yes, once again Chris turned up armed with good ideas for it and in between meet-ups I'd had a great idea for how it would end. We spent the time writing out it all down and laughing at our own gags, we did have a couple of stumbling blocks on a line here and there, but we powered on and did indeed get it finished. Afterwards we had a quick readthrough of the script - just to make sure that it does indeed flow and, well, is actually funny. And, of course, to pick on any lines that didn't sound right aloud and in my case the odd spelling mistake here or there (of which there were some, I blame Simon's old keyboard that I've inherited - it's haunted by a spirit of misspelling, I swear!)

Well, that's all we did - which you have to admit is a pretty good job well done, now it's just a matter of casting the 3rd guy in the piece and sorting out a schedule for filming. While it has changed form a bit from our initial idea (at first we were thinking something of a 'Road Trip' episode) we have the main shape of the Summer Special, we might take a couple more passes at the dialogue but it's pretty much there ready to go. Groovy!

That's all for now, folks, see you on Friday,


Vernon Harcourt

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