Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting Connected

Happy Weekend, Acting Fans, the two of us here at H&H productions hope you're in for a good one, whether you're glamping at Glasto or just watching it at home on the BBC. Back at H&H we've gone and had another face-to-face. On this Thursday meet up's agenda, first and foremost, getting connected!

Yes, Acting fans, Vern and I came to the conclusion on Tuesday that we hadn't really been engaging properly with the more social aspects of Youtube.
I mean, yes, we've stuck our favourite channels up, liked a video here and there but early in setting off on this venture we've often talked about getting in touch with other Youtubers, especially those whose work we admire for a bit of advice and/or feedback. We kept mentioning it but it seems we've both been a bit reticent about actually doing it, I think out of a certain sense of shyness but also not wanting to be rude. After all, it does seem a bit self-centred to be asking for favours from complete strangers.
After Tuesday's meeting we decided Thursday would be the day to get ourselves connected, so that night we met up at H&H HQ with a list of five Youtubers we admire (instead of spamming loads of people all at once) and, instead of a soulless identikit email, we wrote out individual messages to each via the Youtube messaging service. The 5 we chose were:

If any of these names are unfamiliar to you, well, you really should check them out! Now we are under no illusions, these folk have all got their own stuff going on and we don't expect them to get back to us instantaneously or even at all but a least we have given it a go. In fact it took us totally by surprise that Graham at 'Yellingatconcrete' got in touch that night to ask where we were based and, during a brief exchange made the really encouraging comment that he liked our style and would keep an eye out for our new stuff. Cheers, Graham!

Now Thursday wasn't just about pestering folk over the internet, we also tried to bust a move on our idea for a Summer Special. Vern and I put our noggins together after they'd warmed up composing Youtube missives. Then we blocked, yep, we couldn't think of anything. Until we did. Yes, Internet Chums, we finally got unstuck (not unglued, unstuck - yes, yes, we were already unglued) and after a bit of furious thinking we got a basic premise but I'm taking a leaf out of the Big Tease's book here and I'm telling you nowt. It's all still a bit nebulous but we've got that premise to hang it on, you'll just have to wait and see what it is but fings crossed it'll be this Summer and it'll be Special.

That's all for this week, Acting Fans, so...


Christopher Haigh

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