Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Role Reversal

Happy Humpday, Acting Fans, it's time for your regular mid-week hit of H&H business. This week it's a matter of trading places, what with Vern starting his new day job and becoming an upstanding contributing member of society (or as close to one as us dodgy thesps can get) and me hitting the typical off-season lull in hours due to it being the Summer at the theatre, it's been me with some time to spare and my partner-in-(Acting)crime who's been unavailable for a meet up. Bah! The Cosmic Ballet goes on.

In his absence I'm still steadily chipping away at a bit of the minor prop work we need for Episode 6 but that's about it so far this week. We've received no reply as yet from the local college Performing Arts tutor but we're not willing to write it off just yet, we might just be victims of an unfamiliar email address smacking into the wall that is the council email systems Spam Filter, even though we aren't Spam (and I myself, for one, prefer Pek...mmm, Pek!). This means we're considering a more direct approach, no, we aren't going to go kicking doors in - we just need to find a polite way to introduce ourselves.

No doubt my colleague is keeping an eye out for usable humorous situations as he experiences his training but as it is we're still stuck here on the back burner, darn it!

Stay tuned for Friday's Blog Post to see what we manage to pull together later this week. Keep your fingers crossed, Internet Chums, and...


Christopher Haigh

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