Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Game's Afoot

Welcome back, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, yep, you gets it - its Wednesday so here comes your Blog! Well, I am please to announced that this time we have some stuff to actually blog about on the status of H&H. I know, shocking! I hope you're all sat down. Yes? So we shall begin...

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Yessir, me and Chris had a meet up (Yes, we actually did it - in person and everything! No 21st Century textual interfacing, nope, just two actual faces) last night at H&H HQ and, well, Chris was armed with good ideas for things to do while we struggle to get Episode 6 sorted out. We are going to start planning out a Summer Special (well, we hope we can get one done before we lose the sunny weather!) and we talked a bit more (and laughed) about a new YouTube channel trailer for H&H. In fact we even actually managed to bash out a first draft, yep, we did and it flowed. (Yeah! Go us!) We even came up with a premise that might explain something of just a little bit of our characters' mysterious past, well, maybe. Possibly. Okay, don't hold me to that.

We even worked out we could give a taste of the series so far in the channel trailer with some clips and which clips we could use in the trailer as well. We even did a few line runs too to get a feel for it. Oooh, what else? Oh, I know - we even went over some of the earlier things that we wrote and found a nice little sequence that is now going to used as a short - now we've changed a few lines after we did line run through of that too.

And don't worry folks, we haven't forgotten about the episode 6 of series one. We did have a chat about that and got some possible alternative ideas for filming that too, in case we need to use them to get it done.

Lastly we discussed something secret. Oh, no , I couldn't possibly tell you what it is at all. At all at all. After all, what is a blog post from my good self worth if there isn't at least a bit of a tease, HA HA HAAAAH! So I think all in all we had a very productive evening, well in-between the laughing and both of trying to compose ourselves so we could continue and get it written down.

Well, that's it for now folks, more on Friday and there WILL be more to report, oh yes!


Vernon Harcourt

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