Friday, August 2, 2013

Life Finds A Way

Salutations, Acting Fans! It's the weekend and this one myself & my partner-in-crimes-against-acting will once again be on H&H productions duty. Yes, we're heading out on something of an experimental bit of shooting at Manor Heath Park tomorrow, now we know what times it's open of course.
Before then, however, I had dispatched Vern on a mission today with a very specific target and the old Colossal Acting Talent himself did not disappoint after scouring the various shops of Halifax he came up with this:

Jurass is MINE!
Yes, after being let down by all the pound shops and their ilk in the roundabout area, he managed to snaffle these from the Borough Market. Shop Locally, it is then. Excellent. Now whatever shall we do with them? Well now, that would be telling!

Stay tuned next week to see if our little experiment comes off okay, that's all for now, folks, so...


Christopher Haigh

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