Friday, August 9, 2013

Taking Steps

Welcome to the Weekend, Acting Fans, and to the second of your semiweekly shots of H&H goodness! It's been 'Go!' at H&H productions this week, even after our weekend experimental shoot and the readthrough. the momentum seems to be continuing when it comes to the production of our Summer Special. Yes, this Wednesday Vern and I met up at his flat, along with our sometime collaborators in Crimes Against Acting - Jake & Hardy, to get on with filming the final shots of our upcoming escapade. Once gathered, our merry band headed not-too-far from H&H Productions HQ (yes, still Vern's shared abode) just over the road and along a bit to the Halifax Elim Pentecostal Church:

Bleh! (Architecturally speaking, sure the people inside are lovely)
As I'm sure you'll agree, as terrible a monstrosity of 60s/70s architecture as you are likely to find and therefore ideal for the needs of Myself and my Colossally Talented Acting Chum when it comes to the Summer Special setting for this particular sequence. Once set up it wasn't long (once we'd swotted up on a line or two) until we got through some nice takes of the sequence and with them in the can were once again on our way back to H&H HQ. Job well done. It just remains for us to get the main body of the special filmed, get the whole shebang edited and Bob's your Uncle* - job done! Fings crossed, Internet Chums, we're on our way!

That's pretty much it this week but, if I may, I'd like to end with a polite request for assistance. Unfortunately one of our Co-Stars is Missing!

This young fellow, Verns flatmates' house cat (and our occasional hindrance/co-star), is missing. He answers to the name 'Muta' is 1 year old, microchipped, neutered and is an indoor cat. He went missing in Halifax town centre this Thursday morning (08/08/2013). If any Halifax-based Acting Fans could keep their eyes peeled and, if you spot him, get in touch we would all greatly appreciate it.

On that rather solemn note I'm afraid I must take my leave but stay tuned next week for more doings and please keep your fingers crossed for the cat in question, thank you and...


Christopher Haigh

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