Thursday, March 27, 2014

Training Day

It was all going so well with props in the post and a vlog about ready to go, so really something had to go wrong. Yes, the two weeks shifts that took me out of the H&H loop have knocked us off track more than we realised and, due to additional circumstances this week, the next Actor's Log has been unavoidably delayed.

Yep, No Denzel for me.
I had forgotten about two things, you see, one was Mother's Day this coming weekend and the other being the Training Day I volunteered to take part in this Wednesday. No, I didn't get to hang out with Denzel Washington but I did learn the basics of First Aid at work, no, not that work, the other work. There was also a third thing as it turns out. After leaving my 2nd job's premises following the course finising I promptly headed home...and collapsed into a snotty, shivering mess as this ear infection/cold/whatever these godforsaken germs are came out. Urgh. That's why your Wednesday blog is coming to you on Thursday and the next vlog is (temporarily) scuppered. And why now I'm off for another hot drink. Vern will have more for you lot on Friday but now I'm off for tea amd sympathy.

TTFN *Cough*

Christopher Haigh

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