Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Omens

Hello, Acting Fans and the rest of you - you know who you are! Yep, it's Friday, Friday, friday gotta get down a blog about what else has been happening since Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. Well as Chris is busy working away, we haven't had a second meet-up (as we've tried to get into doing two in week, it seems to help us stay in the groove and get things done) so other that some preparation for the next Blog not much as been happening at all I'm afraid.

Other than me learning some of my lines for the next Vlog, oh, and doing some research of my own into some plots of the ol' movies. Why look back at old movies for the next blog? Well, this isn't actually for the next blog but further ahead - it is in fact part of the Top Secret, For Our Eyes Only, Ultra Classified Furture Plans of H&H, which have spun out of what we talked about in last week's blogs. This is something that may be quite a bit  of the way down the line but we need to start to get things sorted out for it as it could be a big project, well, for H&H Productions anyways.

Me and Chris shall be meeting up again soon which will involve a costume test/fitting and a line run through, then it's of to film the vlog and, fings crossed you all should be seeing it very quite soon, soon indeed. You see, we've had a good omen today as our required bit of proppage for the vlog that we'd only just ordered turned up on Chris's doorstep this very afternoon (it's lucky his Mum & Dad were in to meet the postie too), how's that for service, eh? As to what it was, well, here's a clue...

Mystery Prop!
Enough, that's your lot for this week!

Until next time - TTFN!

Vernon Harcourt

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