Saturday, March 8, 2014

I, Spy (Family Extra)

Hello, Acting Fans, fellow bloggers and people of the Internet! Well, yep, it is Friday and it's time for the blog post, so what have we been doing. Well, alas and alack (mostly a lack of Chris) we still have not been able to have a meeting as Chris is busy with work, so nothing much has been done, But well sort off as I on and off have been looking on YouTube to find a clip of a show I was once in. Yep, like Chris I too have been on the tellybox, as an extra that is.

The show was a kids show called 'My Spy Family' and all I can say (much like the BBC 3 S***com (I'm not being harsh - it really was that bad) 'The Gemma Factor' that Chris appeared) in it, well, it's not the best kids show ever. Let's leave it at that. Sadly since I didn't have Satellite TV at the time it was first broadcast I never got to it. With our more recent H&H escapades I got to wondering about that footage of me beaming through outer space and, after search on and off on YouTube, what do you know? I found the it and, after looking through some of the episodes, checking when I did the filming and a bit of guessing, I found the two episodes I was in! And now you too can play 'Spot the Harcourt'!


I bet you're wondering, why, why is this important? Or is it not important at all and are you just blog filling until somethings gets done? Well, yes. And no as my appearance in the show is also going to be interwoven in to Harcourt & Haigh somehow, so there.

And how are we going to put them in to the show? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out!


Vernon Harcourt

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