Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Signs Of Movement

Happy Humpday, Acting Fans, and it's good news on the H&H front this week, as a break on the work rota front has meant we have been able to do our usual knocking together of heads at H&H HQ. I also managed to put my tweak, spit and polish to the next vlog's script, which m'learned colleague and myself went over yesterday. Vern did have a few notes on the additions I'd made and, as the old adage goes about great minds, he said exactly what I had in mind for the specific sequences - the H&H Machine is running A-Okay.
There was only one problem, as usual we had another idea to make the next vlog a bit more interesting. Yes, as usual we made the rod for our own backs and this new bit would require some additional proppage, which has sent me on an internet shopping search today. Luckily the necessary item or items was/were a reasonable price on Ebay and should be winging their way to us now. Fings crossed in time to get the Vlog done this month! We've also gotten ahead of ourselves and got a prop for a later vlog on order too!

With the current upheaval at H&H HQ when it came to shooting the next Actor's Log we thought it might be a good idea to consider using an alternate location. Once again our good friend and professional Comic Book Shop proprietor, Mr. Simon Shaw, Esq. has once again generously come to our aid. Now all we have to do is await our package.
Vern also gave me back my DVD copy of 'Once Upon A Time In The West', with the upcoming move he didn't want to lose in the shuffle whilst transporting his collection to the new HQ (and Vern has a LOT of DVDs to get stuff lost in, he's an OFB - Original Film Buff). Before we set off to Simon I forced Vern to watch the final gunfight on Youtube as, at one point in episode 6, I want him to channel some Bronson and a bit of Fonda.
Today I also finalised another bit of H&H 'Research', being as it was so nice out I took a short daytrip out to Leeds to pick up our tickets for Matt Berry's concert in the city in April. Like we've said before, learn from the best!

Now with the script agreed there's just a waiting game for our additional equipment, oh and a bit of a costume test yet to do. That's all for now though.


Christopher Haigh

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