Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vern the Hunter

...and Gatherer

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, yep it’s Wednesday again and time for Blog! Right, let’s get down to it first: the boring bit out of the way, and it's one for all you camera nuts and geeks out there. Technical specifications! After last Tuesdays test shoot to find out which of the ISO’s to use we have settled on using 1600/800 depending on when & where we are shooting so the footage should all match up.

Now on to something hopefully a bit more fun, we (me and Chris of course) once again had one of our weekly meet ups to sort out some things, and the first was to talk about some scheduling for some filming (Yep, you read that right)! We want to start filming again soon, kicking off with some of the scenes with just Harcourt & Haigh in, with the idea that getting something in the can will help give us a bit more impetus to get the ball rolling.

We then once again needed to hunt down and gather a few supplies for some of the props that are going to use, we needed something like some sort of a sponge and some felt. After looking around some shops Chris could not find the type of sponge that he wanted (he can be quite picky, when he knows what he wants - even if the thing he wants might not exist outside of his head. He can be stubborn about his ideas) but while we hunted around in our local Range (Range and Pound Shops have been a godsend for us here at H&H Productions) I spotted something else entirely which I pointed out to him. I'd seen these polystyrene hearts:

It turned out that when cut in half they will work for what Chris wanted the sponge for, even better than the sponge that might not exist that he was thinking about! It turns out I'm so good I can find things I don't even know I'm looking for! And what exactly IS it that he needed them for, and why the hearts? Well I'm afraid I can’t tell you that just now, but you will soon find out. Heh heh.

Well, I think that’s it for now people of the world. So am signing off for now and I’ll see you on the
other side (of the week, that is) well maybe.


Vernon Harcourt

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