Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Do: The To-Do List

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, to the Wednesday blog post and, wow, it feels like ages since I last wrote one of the these, as Chris has been doing them for a bit. Let me re-introduce myself in case you are wondering, it's ME! The Big Tease himself - Vernon Harcourt!

Let me get straight to the point as we do indeed have something to report. Yesterday I, myself and Chris met up to sort out some of the finer details of the up-and-coming shoots. We have been getting in touch with friends and a getting a definite 'yes' from them willing to get involved (with still a few more to ask) and as the title says hammering out and writing down a 'To-Do' list (as we do sometimes tend to forget some of what we talk about and, as a low-to-no budget production, we can't afford a secretary for note-taking. (Plus I think Chris would lose concentration around a woman dressed for business. Mention 'Secretary' to him and his eyes sort of...glaze over and he gets this, well, I'd have to say 'evil' grin - I have no idea why!))

How to write a TO-DO list by Serge Seidlitz
Yes, we have loads of things to do over the coming weeks; like the making of yet ANOTHER puppet (That Slipped Chris's mind) but this one should be a bit easer as it’s a sock one. We have even got some of the scene storyboarded. Well, sort of, thanks to grabbing a few actual screengrabs from the film we're homage-ing to use for some shots.

We also blocked out the scene for the meeting at the start of the episode, which will help to make the shoot go much more smoothly. With us being a low-to-no budget we have to make sure we can get everything done in the time we have (which normally is never quite enough). We’re even going to sort out something very important to the world of H&H but I'm going to keep that under wraps for now (Tee hee!) - so more later on that little bit and, well, I think that’s all for now, Acting Fans.

So! It’s a goodnight from him and it’s goodnight from me…


Vernon Harcourt

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