Friday, April 5, 2013

It's pronounced FrankenSTEEN!

Hello, Acting fans, welcome to Friday's belated Blog! Nothing much has changed since midweek, except I have been working on my mastery of puppets. I took the opportunity of my Thursday off work to get on with the construction of the puppet we need for episode 6. Having experimented and mocked up his basic shape using foam and tights, it was time to pull him together a bit and sew his core body together. Yes, yesterday I had my seamstress hat, I mean...seamster? Anyway, whatever the correct terminology I used my rudimentary sewing skills to get the puppet from this:


So now our mystery puppet no longer has his guts spilling out and (though it's hard to tell it's only balanced on there in the prior picture) his head is now properly attached to his body. Next phase is to give him some fur skin and features - he's metaphorically and actually coming together.
In the meantime Vern & I press on with arranging the next shoot (weather permitting). Fings crossed, Internet Chums, see you on the other side of the weekend...


Christopher Haigh

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