Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello, Fellow Bloggers and Acting Fans and welcome to Fridays blog, which today is very special blog it is our 100th blog! Yeah, oh right, Groovy! And what are we going to do to celebrate this special time for you. Well, actually, erm, filming. Yep - that’s what we’ve been doing today shooting the main exterior scene of Episode 4. I mean, after all, we are actors and poor ones at that so we can’t afford to go out get drunk but, if you wish to donate to our going out funds, then of course please feel free. We have to get on, though.

So we have been out using our guerrilla filming making skills and dodging the rain drops too. In order to get these shots done, we even had to rope in an extra cast member (actually as well as literally but [SPOILERS]) as well for this shoot to be an unsuspecting guard. I can tell you fellow blogger it was an odd kind of shoot today.

We did in fact get all of the guard footage done, after the rain had held off. The problem was trying to do our scene and main lines was well an experience of traffic, traffic and bloody traffic. It wouldn’t let up and on a road that is normal quite quiet! Honestly, it was nothing like this when we scouted the location. We had no idea what was going on. It was like somebody or something was against us. Damn them whoever/whatever they are (*Shaking fist at sky*)!

Now back to this being are 100th blog I mean, wow, have we really rabbited on for that many posts -  it sure doesn’t feel like we have. And I wonder whom out there has read all of these (and good on you if have) and to those of you who haven’t - why not, I ask? Got something better to do? No? Well get on with it then - the archive's right there on the sidebar. Don't just sit there, click to it!

That’s it for now. Chris has taken the footage back with him and is trying to do a rough cut of this
scene to see whether or not we might need to re-shoot or if some of our line takes are cuttable together. We still have a shoot planned for tomorrow to do the main scenes of episode 3 and, if we have enough time, maybe the pickups we may need for Episode 4. So we have been busy and just in the time for the 100th blog post - have mentioned already that we are up to 100th blog post? We've done 100 of these you know and there ain't no stoppin' us now!
Well, that’s it for now so keep the home fires burning, hombres and chiquitas.


Vernon Harcourt

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