Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hello out there in the interweb, fellow bloggers and readers. You know what time it is - yep, it's BLOG!

Time, that is, Blog Time! So well what have we been doing this week over here at the H&H HQ productions? Well, let me see hmmm, errmmm, hmmm. Oh, I know! Chris has been busy finishing off the final touch to the first episode to get it ready to go live (Soon, in fact, but more on that later) and me, what have I been doing?

I've been doing some filming on my own. Yep, you read that right on my own. Now, what could I possibly be doing on my own and why wasn’t Chris there?
Calm down, folks, and I will tell you - when not tweaking Chris has been at his day job and I've been filming some footage for the next episode, part of a sequence which neither me or Chris are in.

I’ve been filming 'Dave' (or rather the 'HAiL2001' intercom box through which Harcourt & Haigh's mysterious landlord communicates). We've only got the one prop y'see (the perils of the Lo-to-No budget production) so I've been placing it around the flat for use not only in the next episode to be filmed but possible future episodes too. You could say I've been shooting Stock Footage.
As well as various place around the flat I've been taking multi-angled shots of 'him' too, so if we do use this for stock footage we will have some different shots we can use. We just have two shots left to do for the opening which will involve the help of Chris, and a bit of dressing up for me (did I say I wasn't in this sequence? Well, that is sort of true).
I've also still been learning them lines and planning out a date to go and film up at our pre-scouted Wainstalls location. Our eyes are on the 5-day forecast, so please have a kind word to whichever weather gods you worship. We're not asking for sunshine in September but we could really do with some nice cloud without rain for the next exterior shoot.

Oh, One more thing - I did say something about the first episode of Series 1 going live, didn't I?
Well, my dear followers, I bet you’re wondering WHEN it’s going live?
Well, well, well, I can say this…………….SOOOOOON!
Tune in on Friday to find out more.

Well, that’s it for now, keep them home fires burning, Acting Fans, and...


Vernon Harcourt

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