Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Last Shot

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Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow Blogonauts, let’s get down to it. Now what have H&H Productions been up to after last Friday? Well, well, let me tell you - yesterday (4th September 2012) me and Chris had a quick spur-of-the-moment meet up (we didn't have it in the diary as I'm not always available on Tuesdays) mainly for a readthrough of the next episodes but, as the sun was kind of out (flippin' changeable September weather), we decided we would quickly take this moment to try and film the last bit needed for episode one (even though Chris didn't have his costume, we thought of a workaround).
With an idea, our trusty camera at hand and our Guerrilla filmmaking rules in our heads we headed out to do this last shot. After nervously waiting for the breeze to die down, people and/or cars to pass and with Chris fretting about the light condition we still got it in the can and we got a doozy of an outtake as well. (Yep, these are really starting to build up. Warning: This one contains mild peril. To a hat.)

Curse you, gust of wind! The bane of hat-wearing actors everywhere!
Despite this we now have all of the footage for episode one and, as I am writing this blog, it is being integrated into the completed episode, which is now almost ready to go - barring some minor sound effect tweaks. After that we only have to do a re-cut version of the intro and both of the first two episodes will be ready to go!
That’s about it for now, we are still on with learning our lines, planning the next shoot and looking to assemble additional crew, which hopefully means it shouldn’t be too long away.

Well, as always, keep those home fires a-burning and until the next time...


Vernon Harcourt

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