Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back At The Cat I' Th' Well

Hello, fellow bloggers and acting fans, welcome back to the blog. I'm back from my trip to our great city of London with my lovely Girlfriend, we had a great time down there, thanks very much.
Now, what have we been up to since I’ve been back? Well, we have jumped straight into it this week (feet and camera-first) and we have been filming up (and down) at The Cat I' Th' Well pub.

We've shot the end of the 3rd episode today, after we decided to take a risk with the weather and ran with it (& for it) and, well, it paid off. We did need some additional help this time and managed to rope in one Mr. Ross G from the Actor’s Workshop as cameraman/soundman/brolly holder/every other sort of crew member.

Vern & his Unwitting Victims, erm , I mean Willing Participants, obviously.
Ross was very kind in helping us out and we couldn't have gotten all our shots without him on board. We also had the spontaneous surprise cameo of one James England, the chef at The Cat I' Th' Well. He was more willing to help us out, but how? You’ll just have to watch the episode when it’s done to find out. We did get most of what we wanted for episode 3, we were also hoping to do some shooting for the end to the fourth episode though but too late as we have a tight schedule to keep to and had to let Ross get back to his other creative duties.

And speaking of episodes and schedules there is big in fact MASSIVE news for us to let you about from the H&H HQ. Yep, In case you haven’t guessed it, or not read last week blog post - the first episode of the series will in fact be going, going, going LIVE this very Friday! So please watch it, I'm sure you will like it.

Well, that’s the end of Wednesday's blog so, until Friday, keep all of them home fire’s a-burning...


Vernon Harcourt

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