Friday, September 21, 2012

The Impossible Dream

Welcome once again bloggers and acting fans, it’s Friday and it’s blog time, so what's new down at H&H HQ?

Networking, luvvie darling. That most important skill. We have been to see a play at the Actors Workshop, their production of Man of La Mancha, to do just that.

e were mainly on a scouting mission for other actors (and hopefully crew) and to ask if we could use the Actor Workshops as a location in a future episode. We did get some interest in the show and we are setting up a meeting so we can sort out whether or not the location can be used and who wants to get involved - so fingers crossed, fellow Acting Fans and bloggers, that we are able to use it.
We have also gone through the rushes of this weeks shoot and picked the best shots to use for the scene we filmed at The Cat I'Th' Well for the next episode.

So that's it for this week - apart from the Episode going live, that is (Have I not already said that? GOTCHA! Hee hee, I can never resist a tease.)
You didn't think I'd forgotten about it really, did you? Yes, as you are reading this the very first episode of the series is now live. Yep, you heard (well, read) that right, the series proper has now started!
After years of the planning and the talking (and the driving our friends up the wall with all the talking) it has finally happened it is LIVE. Its lives, IT LIIIIIVES…..

So please watch it, tell all your friends to watch it and get them to tell their friends about it and get them to tell their friends to tell their friends and so on and so forth. Heck - get them to tell strangers about it! Because we want as mucho many people out there to enjoy the misadventures of Harcourt & Haigh as possible!

Well, that’s it for now that’s definitely all we have been up to, yep, it’s all go again at H&H HQ, until the next blog keep the home fires burning. (You’re going to need to, it’s coming in cold now.)


Vernon Harcourt

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