Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Two more down.

Welcome back, fellow bloggers and Acting Fans, we're back for the Wednesday blog and we have had a busy week (and weekend) since last we spoke that's why we're coming in a little late, so let’s get right to it!

We have done it, yes, it has been completed MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, erm, yeah. Hi, sorry. Teehee. I might be a bit giddy but, as I said at the top, we have two more episodes in the can (technically a third of Series 1). We made out our shooting schedule and, by Golly, we have stuck to it!

The doors were not blown off
After last Fridays shoot, we were once again busy shooting on the Saturday. First we went back down to Fridays location to pick up some lines, then we had the main scenes of Episode 3 to do. This was made possible by the kind help of an old friend of mine, Andy “Ironman” Thomas, and the loan of his Motor. He was kind enough to let us use his car to sit and film in making us able to get episode 3 in the can and done. Well, after a quick re-shoot yesterday of one line, yes that’s right, Acting Fans, ONE LINE! All because, once again, we were defeated by our arch nemesis - the wind. Damn you wind for being, well, windy.

That brings us up today where we have been down at the YMCA to film interior scenes for Episode 4, with some extra cast and crew who have been so helpful over these past two shoots and, yes, both of them appear in episode 4 too, so watch out for them! I am so pleased that we managed to stick to the shooting schedule mapped out for episode 3 and 4 and it has worked too!

It's the New Rock Steady Crew making a break and a move...
Yes folks, as of now both the 3rd and 4th episodes are now complete and ready to edit which we will be on with next week. And with that I think that is all for today…I think. I don’t think I’ve left anything out, hmmm…I'm sure there is something else I should be telling you…but I can’t remember what though…
Oh, yes! Of course! NOW I remember - it’s about Friday and what's happening then!
'What is it?' I hear you all cry out at once, then suddenly fall silent…
Well, guess what you’ll just have to read all about it on Fridays post. BWAH HAHAHA!

Keep the home fires burning!


Vernon Harcourt

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