Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All The Fun Of The Fair

Yes, we here at H&H Productions have never been ones able to resist a fairground attraction (especially me and my magpie mind, what with all the shiny, colourful things on display) and so that's where you could have found us today, Acting Fans, at the Piece Hall's Half-Term Fair. Not just for fun and games though - we had a purpose.
As you may recall from last week we were due to shoot two sequences at the weekend on Sunday. Unfortunately though, we had to drop the additional scene we were going to shoot for episode 4 due to lack of manpower. The scene required many more bodies than we were able to muster but the deadline for episode 4 remained. (Have no fear, Acting Fans, the scenes we required for the mystery 'Special Something' were done and dusted with alacrity).

Welcome to the House Of Fun
This left us with something of a dilemma. Should we try and reschedule the additional scene and, if we failed to get the bodies again, run the risk of doing it with fewer people and it not looking so good (or, worst case scenario, we failed to get the shoot done and the episode is down a scene just before it's due to go up) or do we actually create a new scene entirely that requires only the core of H&H Productions, i.e. us? And if a new scene, what?
It was seeing the funfair rides being put up on the Friday during a brief stop off at the Piece Hall that the idea came to me that we could use it as a part of a new scene and when I put the idea to m'colleague Vern at the shoot he eagerly agreed. The new scene actually gets in an idea that goes way back to the very beginnings of the creation of Harcourt & Haigh that hasn't had the most prominent part in the series so far but anything else I say would be [SPOILERS].
With the able assistance of two of our newest drafted crew, Jake and Hardy, we got the line takes we needed. After that, Vern and I finished off the shoot with a bit of stock footage coverage and ADR soundtrack recording. Yes, Acting Fans, episode 4 is now in the can and we'll also be taking a pass at the editing this week. If we can get it done this will give us an extra week to plan out episode 5 and, boy, are we gonna need it - it's complicated! More on that later, 'cause that's it for now.

See you Friday for more H&H goss,


Christopher Haigh

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