Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fastest Editors In The West

...Yorkshire borough of Calderdale, Halifax area, that is.

Welcome to this weeks Friday update, Acting Fans, it's me again, Vern's not-so-silent partner in crime. Now let me tell you what we've been up to since Wednesday. This Thursday saw Vern once again pay a visit to Casa Del Haigho where the editing suite is based, his morning shift meant we had to wait until the afternoon to get started, about half 1-ish, and between then and early evening (about 8PM) we managed to get the additional scene cut and added to episode 4 - finalising the cut leaving only some ADR to do and the episode will be completed, which I'll be on with this weekend. Now You may think that doesn't seem so quick.
That is not all however, we also edited something else to final form. Something else which I've just completed the ADR on today. The thing is, well, I can't tell you what it is. I'm sworn to secrecy by the Big Tease himself - on pain of DEATH (I assume he meant a metaphorical death, otherwise he'd have to find another Haigh. Mind you, there are plenty of us around and about here Oop North - better not risk it). I can only tell you that it's the 'Something Special' we've mentioned before. No, no, I can't possibly tell you anything else. I just can't but I CAN leave you with these:

The Axeman Cometh?

Well, you could probably guess that...

Have a Great Weekend, Acting Fans...


Christopher Haigh

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