Friday, October 5, 2012

The Elsie Whiteley - You’ll never find a better place for networking, we must be cautious.

Hello, Acting Fans and fellow Bloggers, it’s Friday and blog time once again.

So - what has been happening down here at H&H Production HQ?
Well, as you know, we wrapped on the next two episodes earlier in the week. What else could we have been doing in the mean time before we get to the editing?
Well, we've been concerned with 'Bidness'. Yes, We went up to The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre for a Creative Calderdale-organised meeting and multi-media talk from Frank Boyd, Director of the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network, and to hopefully do some networking.

And it turned out to be a good evening, we got some tips and a load of information on digital media, not all of it directly relevant to what we're up to but some of which could be a help to us, and we got to meet a number of like-minded people and do a little networking of our own. We got some good interest in the series and, maybe, some more people to help us out behind the scenes.
Most importantly there was FREE BOOZE AND FOOD (you could say we were sort of 'in character'). Awww, and what a damn fine curry it was, mmmmm, it was very tasty indeed, mmmm! So good, in fact, I had 3 plates, yes, that's right 3 Plates (Well, they were only small plates and waste not want not - there was still plenty of curry left after) and, anyway, we are poor impoverished actors - we need all the free stuff we can get, teehee, but it was a very informative and eventful evening though - even without the curry (though the curry was really good, oh yes).
I think that's it for today’s blog. I don’t think I’ve missed anything this time, or have I?
Hmm…I'm sure there might be something else to say but, damn it, what was is it?!
Oh yeah -  NOW I remember! Yes, Acting Fans and Blogonauts, today is the day that the SECOND EPISODE OF HARCOURT & HAIGH IS LIVE!!! In fact it’s so live just click below - such are the wonders of internet linking!

Ok, that really is it for today, so enjoy the second episode and, please, pass it on and tell all your friends about it (and get them to tell all their friends and so on and so on - help us get those views up).

Until next time, keep the home fires burning people!


Vernon Harcourt

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