Friday, June 22, 2012

Coming Up

Greetings, Acting Fans, and welcome to this felicitous Friday. Now you may look out of your window, see the rain lashing down outside (unless you're unlucky enough to be out in it so you can feel it too) and think, what's so good about THIS Friday? Apart from the usual 'here comes the weekend' stuff, that is. Can you feel that? That something else, something in the air, a strange build up? And no, I don't mean a sudden seasonal thunderstorm. The game's afoot!
Let me tell you, loyal blog followers, as the British Summer Time does it's usual best at letting us down and dampening the old ardour (literally as well as metaphorically) we here at H&H Productions have decided to lighten things up by bring a little metaphorical sunshine into your lives and it's all to do with that BIG something our resident Big Teaser, one Mr. Vernon Harcourt, mentioned in the previous post. Today we bring you the first of those two surprises, in the form of this short trailer for the Upcoming Pilot Episode of 'Harcourt & Haigh: Actors at Large' which will look a little something like this:

That's right, Acting Fans, you've read correctly - the Pilot Episode of 'Harcourt & Haigh' goes live in exactly ONE....WEEK'S....TIME! EEK!
Can you contain yourselves? Can WE contain ourselves? Can the Internet possibly contain US?
To find out all the answers to those questions and more tune in next week to find out! Same H-Time! Same H-Channel!


Christopher Haigh

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