Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shop Around

Hello, Acting Fans, welcome back we’ve missed you. So you may be wondering what have we been up to?
Today here at H&H production, well, we haven't been here at all today - we went out and did some Retail Therapy (Retail Therapy on a Lo-to-No Budget? Yep, window shopping)!

What were we out looking for? Costume? Yet more props? Gullible impoverished actors?
Nope, something far more important but what can be more important than the above mentioned?

Wishing on a falling star...

"I know how to make an entrance!"

"Too literal? Nahhhh."

"Wow, These Alarm cords are really sensitive! Honest officer, just ask the shop manager. Where is he? Oh, he's a bit tied up at the mo."
Yes, Acting Fans we were out scouring for information on a potential new camera after the last one died on us (it is an ex-camera, it videos with the choir celestial). And we can’t show you the show without a camera to record it with - I mean it would have to be some sort of live show or something and that woul……… Hang on a minute, hmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

So, erm, anyhoo as always stay classily,


Vernon Harcourt

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