Friday, June 8, 2012


Hello, Acting Fans, we're BACK! Well it's Friday so what’s been happening in the office of H&H Productions. Well, I’ll be your captain, come follow me through my words.

irst thing first is that since our catastrophic technical failure what have taken some time to take stock of what we have done so far with this production, and if you've been keeping up with the blog you should know but if not, tut tut, you bad people, you *Wags finger*.
Well, we have had our ups and downs but mainly ups though, as shown by the five trailers we've managed to get up on the H&H YouTube channel. We have some of the stock footage done and in the can, now I know what you thinking, the stock footage should be done by the second unit. And yes you’d be right on that is one of their jobs but, well, we can’t afford to have a second unit, that and we are only two guys filming, sometimes three if we're lucky and on one sequence a whole 6 people (Woo!). I mean we are a Lo-to-No-budget series. We are ALL the Units! The pilot episode is done and is now ready and waiting to go live which will be soon, dear Acting Fans, sooooooon (Date TBA).

And moving on to the present, after having a very long and quite intense rehearsal, I think we are ready to start to film the next episode. Trust me, when you see this episode, you’ll understand why it took some much rehearsing. (Or maybe not if we do it right) And, as always, when I and my fellow actor/co-creator get together we always end up thinking up and adding new ideas to the mix of the episodes. Making some of the sequences a bit longer if needed, tweaking the dialogue here and there and making them a bit more funny (Trust me I always know it’s gonna be good when Chris takes ages to tell me from laughing).
o the next for us to do get our thinking caps on for brainstorming what we do next:
How should we source another camera to replace the broken down one? When do we get on and film the next episode? We'll also start the planning and rehearsing the next next episode to be filmed, see if what we wrote does in fact work and what needs to be changed if it doesn't. And get on with the storyboards, too. Much thinking will ensue.

Wow, is that the time? I’d best get back to it, see the Future!


Vernon Harcourt

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