Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Testing 1,2...1,2

Hello, Acting Fans, it’s Wednesday blog time so here is what we have been dong since the last time you checked in.
Well, the new camera (Panasonic DMC-FZ150) has arrived here at the H&H production office yesterday. We have been playing around with it since and we have to say we are so very much pleased with the camera - it is, in a word, AWESOMETACULAR!!
Oh, yes, it is indeed. We have tried it with both the in-built stereo mic on board and our external mic jacked in with a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter and, let's just say, so many more options are open to us now. I really can’t fault this camera. At all. In fact I think, I think I may be in love.
nd, just for you lot out there (we do spoil you), here is some of the test footage from this week. This is piece of steady cam-style test footage all done free hand with the camera mounted on the closed tripod, with me manning the camera and my limber co-creator acting as test subject.

One more thing - this something BIG which gonna happen, well my dear Acting Fans, all I'm gonna say for now is it WILL be worth the wait and all of this build up to it and now we might just have to give TWO surprises, we sure do spoil you lot, don’t we.

So that’s it for today I'm off to play with the camera some more, as always keep the home fires burning and we'll be back real soon...


Vernon Harcourt

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