Friday, June 1, 2012

The Plan of Plans

Hello, Acting Fans, and welcome back for the Friday’s blog and what has happened since Wednesday's blog well, erm, to be honest nothing (whoops), Tee hee. Chris has been working on his 'Producer' credit by earning his daily (well, Part-Time really) crust with his nose to the grindstone at his day (and occasionally night) job, these Lo-to-No-Budget productions don't finance themselves, you know, and those ridiculously proportioned burgers don't come cheap.
We're still putting a cunning plan into action, it's so cunning in fact that even Baldric, nay, the Blackadder himself would be impressed by the cunningness this cunning plan - cunning like a fox in socks sneaking up on a chicken box with a forged key for the locks.

And what is it? Well I'm afraid I can’t tell you that as we could be getting into [SPOILERS], I’ll just give you a hint it involves us (well, duh) and a gun or two, some swords, a sickle sythe and some duvets!
No, no, no, nothing 'kinky'! Mind you, you never know what will turn up in Fan Fiction, alright then - nothing 'kinky' in Canon that is.
What could it all mean? What is going to happening with all of this? And have I been up drinking all night again or have I just lost the plot. No, wait, the plot's right here where I left it on the coffee table, I told you we were getting more organised.
Well, acting fans and blog readers, tune in time to the H&H channel to find out what is going up.


Vernon Harcourt

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