Friday, November 9, 2012


Yes, Acting Fans, it's that special time of year again! What?!
NO! Not Goth Christmas, you've well missed that! And, NO, not Bonfire Night neither!
It's the time of year where we reflect on when a certain man incarnated on our tiny planet, a man who came to save us all, or at least to watch a heck of a lot of Manga cartoons and Honk Kong films! Yes, Acting Fans, rejoice for today of all days he came unto us - The Vern!

Behold THE VERN!
Rumour has it that the gentle giant of mirth was rocketed to the relative safety of our little blue dot by his loving parents as their doomed world exploded!

WARNING: Not ACTUAL Footage of the Vern's arrival
The other rumour is that that isn't true at all but that Vern started spreading the first rumour himself because, well, who wants to think about their parents, y'know, doing the deed. Eew!
Nevertheless from that fateful November the 9th onwards the world would forever cower in the shadow of the Colossal Acting Talent that now bestrode it like a, well, like a Colossus!

Always ready for the call to, 'ACTION!'
So, Acting Fans, please join me in wishing my Partner-In-ACTING!-crime and drunken hijinks all the very best and a Happy Birthday -

Many Happy Returns to The Vern!

Christopher Haigh

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