Friday, November 23, 2012

Cookies? Monster!

Welcome, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, to your regular Friday dose of blog. What shenanigans have we been up to since Wednesday? Well, we've been filming once again (I did say it was a BIG episode)and, like I said in Wednesdays blog post, we have been filming some where we have NEVER EVER (EVER!) filmed before. Yes, we filmed in a local pub (& a preferred hang out of Chris's) called Cookies Bar. It's situated in Halifax town centre, yep,  in fact it’s about a ten minute walk from the Flat/Principal Set/H&H Production HQ and downhill too - handy! They very kindly to gave us permission to film just after opening time at 3PM.

This place used to be stables, no horsing around!
We tried our best to keep the sequence tight on shooting time, it was a short one but we still had quite a variety of shots to get done. Chris and I met up to go through all of the planning and sorting out of the shots at about 2PM, so that when we got in there we weren’t tying up too much of their time - they gotta sell those drinks to make a living.
We also had a couple of extra things to sort out, I realised I'd forgotten to source a couple of props for the shoot and, while we could do without one, we couldn't do it without the other. A quick side trip to the Borough Market sorted out the missing required prop (well, bit of costume actually) and while I went to Cookies to meet with and prep our crew/cast (Hardy and Jake lending their hands, and rest of bodies, again), Chris headed down to the Piece Hall to pester our old chum Simon to lend us an essential piece of background. Which he kindly did.

Yes, essential. Anyway, I must say this was the quickest shoot we have ever done. Everything was filmed and in the can by 4:30pm. Which was just in time too as some customers were heading in to wet their whistles. Well, that’s all we’ve done this week since Wednesday - see you in the World of Tomorrow! (Well, er, next week.)

Keep the home fire’s burning and...


Vernon Harcourt

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