Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We'll Take The Fifth

Welcome back, Acting Fans and fellow bloggers, to this this Wednesday post, so what has been happening since my Birthday last week, well -  I survived the night of the celebration of my birthday! It was an hard night but someone had to do it. Only I was up to the task, which I met head on and, only occasionally, face first.

There we go.
Me and my fellow colleague haven been hard at work this week, on Tuesday we had a runthrough of the script to makes sure that all of the lines read right. I had also managed to get in touch with the Elsie Whitely Centre to find out if we would able to use them as a location and we could but, well, we could but at a PRICE (£20 quid per hour, the standard rate they hire out conference rooms for) and for the amount of time we need it for (Which is about a half hour, if that, as it is just one or two shots) we were, well, rather shocked - so that won’t be happening. Perhaps the bloke for Elsie Whitley's didn't quite grasp it when I told him we were Low-to-No Budget and I mean REALLY Low-to-No budget ('No' being the apt word), we are either going to have to find another location, or drop the scene. Which we don’t want to do if we can help it, I'm sure between me and Chris we can figure something out though. We also did a final check on some of the locations and popped by to confirm the dates and times we would be showing up at, and today? Well, today we were out filming a load of the exterior shots of episode 5.

And here we come
We have been filming once again in our favourite place to film (and, so far, it’s free to do so), the Piece Hall. 'For what?' I hear you ask, well, it's the [SPOILERS], teehee, you didn’t think I was going to tell exactly what we were filming, did you? Oh, you did, did you? Well I'm not going to tell you! We even managed to get some extra people roped in, in fact, we got most of 'em from people who were just mulling in and around the nearest shops (I can be quite persuasive when I want to be).

What's he doing there?
We have had a lot to do on this episode with still more to go and this is why this next episode will be a little late in coming out but don’t panics! We do have a long shoot planned for next week too, where we should get all of it done. Well. with any luck we should - I mean yes, yes, WE can - in fact we SHALL get it done!

Roll up, roll up
Well that’s it for now, Acting Fans, so as I sign off today wish us 'Good Luck' and remember to keep them home fires burning.


Vernon Harcourt

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