Friday, August 24, 2012

What's The Word?

Salutations, loyal Acting Fans, and welcome once again to the H&H Productions blog Friday update. As promised, Vern and I have managed to get our planning-meet-up-and-line-run in before this Bank Holiday Weekend hits.

The Spoils, Practice
If there's one thing we've learned during production it has definitely been the value of practice. Not just rehearsing to learn our lines but also the actual reading of the lines themselves, such as on our first line run for the episode being filmed next. It may be one of the oldest saws that what looks right read on a page doesn't necessarily sound right when said aloud, we'd have to agree though - as they say, sometimes cliches are cliches because they are true. Today there's been more than a touch of altering lines, striking out words (then putting them back in again after removing other words), re-arranging statements and generally messing with the lines to get them more natural sounding or to get a better cadence or rhythm.
As well as the line run, we've gone back over the notes of the last meeting where we solidified what the pre-title sequence would be used for this episode, added a note of it on the script itself and written in a new first scene (one that has a stronger tie continuity-wise with the earlier episodes than the one originally planned) that Vern will type up into a finalised script later.

That's pretty much it for this week, we have our next line run planned for next Tuesday, some organising to do inbetween and we may be up for some more location scouting too. Until next time, then, have a great Bank Holiday Weekend (or, if you're not in the UK, a grand normal weekend) and Goodnight out there, whatever you are...


Christopher Haigh

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