Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Hello, Acting Fans and Blogonauts, once again it's the first Blog day of the week at H&H Productions. We're coming to you with a later posting today as we've just finished an on location shoot for Episode 1 (which, if you've been keeping tabs you'll remember, we are perversely filming second). We've spent the day here:

The Suh-Suh-Studio!
We had been having problems figuring out where in the flat to shoot a certain scene in Episode 1 before realising that we could use an alternate location for it. The question was where? My sister Beka had already kindly allowed us access to her studio space in Sowerby Bridge for some of our prop making and it dawned on us that it would be a great set for the scene, so we approached her again about filming there this week and she kindly permitted it. Lucky for us she was between making things.
Having finished for today we've packed up our things and headed back to the flat with a prop that is a major part of this episode (and that I finally got around to finishing off *Phew*) to leave it at it's new home. My room seems a little emptier now the little guy's gone. As I type about todays machinations Vern will charging up the camera to download the rushes (we really must have hammered the battery today) then he'll have a first pass at selecting the best shots for use. Fings crossed with todays shoot we'll have the entirety of the main middle scene done, leaving us with just the top and tail scenes of the episode to shoot at the flat this Friday.

Wish us Luck!


Christopher Haigh

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