Friday, August 3, 2012

A Brief Pause

Still hard at it, here at H&H HQ.

Hello, bloggers and Acting Fans, and what have been up to since Wednesday? Well, having edited the full first cut of episode 2, Chris has been sourcing and syncing some sound effects for it and that's about it, apart from a small wee bit of planning and me starting to learn my lines nothing has really happened.

I'd got it in me head (and the diary) that me and Chris were due to be meeting up today to have a line runthrough, though it appears I got the dates wrong in the diary and Chris was, in fact, working. Whoops, silly me! Flippin' day jobs! So I've made a pass on the script and have started to learn my lines instead.

We are hopefully still on for filming in the next week or so. So we are in fact still on schedule despite today's hiccup, and we should have two episodes down by the end of this month, only four to go. We might have even started the third, who knows. Fings crossed, Acting Fans!

Until the next and as always keep the home fires….you know.


Vernon Harcourt

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