Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Selection Box

Hello, this IS the blog you're looking for, Welcome back fellow bloggers and Acting Fans.

So what have we been doing at H&H HQ? Well, we haven’t been filming this week, nope, and I bet you're are little confused to why. Well calm down and let me tell you, sshh, such an impatient lot aren’t you? We (me, myself and co-creator Chris) have been going thought all of the rushes to see which are the best to use for the first cut of the episode. We did this as we weren't sure of the availability of the flat on Tuesday and our (day job) working hours leave us pretty much unable to film later this week. 
We've been sorting the clips, noting the timeframe from which clip is relevant and writing it down, re-naming their file names so we know what to use when it comes to the edit. Now I know what you’re thinking (no, really, I am - and it won’t work) I did say in another blog that I had already done this. And yes but that was just me on my own reviewing on a first pass, looking over the footage, seeing if it all worked and if we had all the coverage we needed.

So we now have all of the footage chosen and we are almost ready to go in and edit the second episode. Well, we've just  got a few small picks-up to film and this episode is in the can, so to speak. And then it’s on the next one. Like they say, 'There’s no rest for the wicked.'

Until the next time that we meet, so long and keep them home fires a-burning!


Vernon Sutcliffe

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