Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Full Steam Ahead!

The Pilot has landed.

Hello, Acting Fans, welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the first outing of the antics and hijinks of Harcourt and Haigh. So, what we been doing since it went live? Well, other than doing mass posting, promotion and pimping of the Pilot episode, we have found time and the opportunity to start the next shoot. This very day actually!

Yes, Acting Fans, you have read that right the series shooting has now kicked off and we are in full swing of the filming of the next scenes. All that rehearsal and planning has come to head and is working out great (who woulda thunk it?) while we have been busy filming away most of the day, right up until the camera run out of juice (Note to self: Next H&H Productions Purchase is a spare battery or two). We did work the camera hard and got a lot of the body of the scene done.
We also unfortunately have our first on set injury today. It was me. You see, I managed to accidentally cut my nose during one take. Yes, cut my nose. With a gun. And I do hope you all appreciate what kind of skill that takes. But, yeah, I pushed through the pain, it was only a little cut but, man, it was like a papercut and you know how those sting! And on my nose! Still I manfully carried on and all for you, Acting Fans.

So that’s it for today, now on to mapping out the rest of shooting (we are indeed living the life, high diddledy dee). As always keep the homefires burning and if were not back by next Friday leave a message and we’ll get back to you, to you, to yooooooooouuuuuuuu!


Vernon Harcourt

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