Friday, July 6, 2012

From Rushes, With Love

Hello, Acting Fans, it’s Friday and we're back, so let’s do this!
Soooo what have we been up to since we last wrote and talked and filmed?

Well, let me tell you and you will find out. I have been sitting through the dailys, or rushes if you like, looking to see which of the takes so far are the best to use (Note to self: I really need to re-name them after I put them on my P.C. - I'm going number blind) and I can safely say that it is looking very good indeed. And funny, yes, even the outtake of me whacking myself in the face with the gun.
I've been doing something else too, I have been practising with the camera using some techniques that I found online to simulate tracking and dolly shots as some of these shot styles might be useful in future episodes. So I need to get up to speed on these and get them right, hmm, then teach someone else too. Oh boy, I don’t think I have thought this through. Damn it! Oh well, back to it I guess.

As always stay classy and keep the home fires burning and we'll see you next time.


Vernon Harcourt

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