Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Welcome back, Acting Fans, and a fine Wednesday to you all! 

The good news is that H&H HQ is so far unaffected by the torrential rain here Oop North, thanks to our respective elevation - though our thoughts go out to those less fortunate. We're still on with the production of the next episode, runnin' up that hill (or in our case around that flat like a pair of goons). Despite a lot of said running around, a number of thrown objects and some half-assed stagefighting we are happy that we can announce:

Yes, on today's shoot neither Vern nor I have managed to injure ourselves and all in all the takes are going pretty smoothly. We do need to tighten up on the organisation front, as we forgot a couple of minor details, but we were able to film around our deficiencies and will be picking up the shots that required said missing items next time.

The end of the today's shoot leaves us with a good chunk of the episode filmed now with only minor pick ups and a possible optional additional external scene to go. Fingers crossed, after the next shoot, we'll have a first completed episode of the series proper in the can. Then we only have to go and film the rest of them, eep!


Christopher Haigh

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