Friday, July 20, 2012

Planning Permission

Hello, Acting Fans and, once again, welcome back to the blog, it doesn’t seem two minutes since the last time we talked (Only last Wednesday, where is this Summer going?).

What has been happening since then, well, erm, hmm, as Chris mentioned on Wednesday actually not a great deal. I have just been getting things ready for the shoot next week like confirming the dates (and the availability of the flat with my flatmates), printing out the scripts for upcoming episodes ready to start read-throughs and making sure that everything is ticking along nicely. Just all of the small things that need to get done and sometime get over looked. This week I have pretty much been:

And this week has pretty much been this:

But without all the welding and heavy tools (we leave the really Heavy Tool jobs to Chris's little sister). That's about it really, I know it's not too exciting but all this planning has to be done in order for everything to run smoothly (or as smoothly as it can with me and Chris in charge). I do love it when a Plan comes together.

So, Yeah, until next time as usual: home fires, keep 'em, burning, etc.


Vernon Harcourt

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