Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Walls Were Harmed During The Filming Of This Episode

Hello, Acting Fans and Blogonauts, welcome back to the H&H Production blog for today's latest update.

No, really
I'm happy to report that, after today's shoot at the flat, episode 2 is a wrap! This time we remembered the additional Props that were missing last week, and Vern had a last minute brainstorm about the establishment of a prop we had planned to have in the series all along but entirely missed in the pilot! Phew! Nice catch, H.
Part of today's shoot was an expansion on initial plans that were conceived during last weeks shooting that added a bit of business for one of our main characters, which in itself led to a little more expansion including a bit of a running gag we're trying to set up (not to get too specific the one of the series promos is the first hint of it).
We also got a rather abject lesson in why going digital with our new camera was a good idea, when we were reviewing today's rushes we found a couple of sequences when inopportune reflections and a glaring continuity error made the shots useless but we were able to go back and re-shoot them the same day. No re-setting - Bonus!
That'll be it for shooting this week but Vern and I will be meeting up on Friday to plan out and storyboard the filming of the first episode, in the meantime I've got to get on with a major prop for it, so...


Christopher Haigh

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