Friday, May 25, 2012

Time Keeps Skipping

Hello, Acting Fans, it’s time for another blog post, whoa, these sure are coming around quick - is someone shrinking the weeks down? Accelerating the earth's rotation? Chuffing about with the basic fabric of spacetime? No? Well what is it, then? Eh? I ask you!
Anyway, as the lovely warm weather and sunshine melts your ice cream and most likely melts us in the full costumes during filming, we are still in the rehearsals of episodes and planning stage. I know, I know we’re been stuck in the rut for a while now but practise makes perfect right? Right? And that Sun isn't making things any easier. Curse you, Sun! My Arch-Nemesis!
We have another special surprise for you today though. Why, what is it? Well, I am proud to unveil the second trailer for 'Harcourt & Haigh: Actors at Large', folks, and I think you will like this one, so crank up the Tube of You and wrap your eyeballs around this slightly-over-one-minute wonder:

Well, that’s all we got time for this time, we've got loads more to do. Tally Ho!


Just kidding, we do have a little something more up our sleeves - as a special treat keep your eyes peeled on the Actors At Large Youtube channel for the second version of Trailer 2 that is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK as it contains ADULT CONTENT including VIOLENCE and REPREHENSIBLE BEHAVIOUR most definitely not suitable for Under 18s. This is why we will be especially uploading it after the 9PM Watershed - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

TTFN (Really, this time)

Vernon Harcourt

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